BarleyMax Winback Email Campaign

Anatomy of a Winback Campaign

Whenever you’re dealing with a health-related product, you invariably face the “New Year’s resolution” syndrome — customers who were excited at first, but fall off the wagon after two or three purchases. HA needed a way to bring past BarleyMax purchasers back into the fold.

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Health New Magazine 2012

Upgrading Print to Digital

Customized theme on a Wordpress foundation. The Digital Edition of Health News Magazine goes way beyond just putting the print magazine online. We added tons of bonus content and videos visitors can browse by issue.

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BarleyMax Vira Video

BarleyMax Man vs. The Flu

When creating educational content, it’s important to remember that somebody actually has to enjoy watching it. BarleyMax Man is high on the cheese-o-meter, but it’s fun, educational and (most-important) share-able.

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HA Social Media Feed

Social Upgrade

When we first launched the new HA website in 2009, our Facebook presence was still in the lower hundreds and management wasn’t yet convinced of its usefulness. 10,000 fans later, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other social media have become an integral part of how we communicate with customers.

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Juice Ups Online Training Program

Juice Ups Top 30,000 Participants

When we launched our first Juice Up online training program in 2010, we were hoping to get about 250 people to sign up. Imagine our surprise when we had over 5,000 participants on day 1! Now, after some serious upgrades and a whole new website, we have three different programs and over 30,000 participants.

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